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This page contains links to further resources regarding Australia's Christian heritage.

Australia's priceless heritage of freedom By Richard Eason B.Ec. (Hons.) jssc
A 97 slide presentation - detailing individuals, institutions, documents and events
useful for church and school groups
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Our Australian Christian Heritage by Dr. Graham McLennan
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Australia's First Hundred Years The Era of Christian Schools by Allen S. Roberts B.A., Litt. B., M. Ed., D.C.E., M.A.C.E.
History of Christian Schools in Australia.
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The Hand of God
An interactive journey through the discovery and early settlement of Australia.
Designed for all ages, this resource highlights many of the key events, and
people that, by the hand of God, helped lay the Christian foundations of this nation.
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(c) 2019 Christian History Research
The Hand of God: His Story of Australia by Graham McLennan
This is an 8000 word article which accompanies the Hand of God interactive above.
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